GripCote-X Anti Slip Products

Prevents Movement Of All Mats & Carpets

GripCote-X provides, long lasting non-slip surface for Rugs and Mats!

For use in high traffic indoor or outdoor environments.

GripCote products provide a slip resistant rubberized coating that prevents movement or slipping on all types of un-anchored floor coverings, such as mats, area rugs and carpets. GripCote coatings are composed of tough, durable polymers that create a strong bond with most materials. They don't require adhesive tapes and will not alter the material's original feel or flexibility.

From industrial floor mats, to area rugs, to carpet tiles, GripCote's coatings are applied to the underside of materials creating a flexible film that will not transfer to, or stain the flooring material. Once dried, the item may be lifted from the surface any number of times without ever losing its adhesion or harming the surface it is laid on. GripCote coatings are waterproof and will prevent the absorption water and liquid spills. They're designed for use in homes and commercial environments. The coatings also resist collecting dirt and other contaminates.

Stop your rugs from bunching and slipping

GripCote products are easy to apply to the bottom surface of any mat by simply rolling or brushing it on and then wait for it to dry. Instantly, your mats or rugs will become completely slip-proof! The Grip Cote products are Green solutions with no fumes, minimal odors and extremely low VOC's which contribute to LEED rating credits. No worrying about rug movement and the potential of slip and fall accidents. It is also completely flexible, water proof, has anti mold properties and has built in UV protection.

No Padding Required for ANY Flooring Surface!

  • Non Slip Mats

    Non Slip Floor Mats

    GripCote-X makes matts slip proff
  • Non Slip Area Rug Protection

    Non Slip Area Rug Protection

    Prevents area rugs from bunching and slipping
  • Non Slip Mats & Area Rug Protection

    Pet Proof Area Rugs

    After all, it's only cute the first few dozen times.